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Ada programmers: Luke A. Guest

Tomek Wałkuski, 

This is series of interviews with software developers interested in Ada programming language. The goal is to promote the community members and the language itself. Today we will talk with Luke A. Guest.

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Custom Ghost theme

Tomek Wałkuski, 

Few days ago I have migrated my homepage and blog from Medium to Ghost(Pro). The problem with open source software is that it is easy to tweak and play with. I was not happy with the default theme Casper, so I have decided to create a new one!

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Simple blockchain in Ada

Tomek Wałkuski, 

Everyone talks about blockchain these days. So let's learn by doing and try to implement the simple blockchain from scratch. And let's do this in Ada!

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Is Ada a failed language?

Tomek Wałkuski, 

Ada was advertised as a general-purpose programming language, yet, with a strict, readable syntax, a rich feature set, and a first-class support for concurrency it failed to find its niche. I could find many reasons why it happened.

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