Hi, I'm Tomek.

I'm a software engineer and I solve problems by (not) writing Clojure. You can find me as @_tomekw on Twitter, @tomekw on Mastodon, or @tomekw on Github. I write (mostly) about programming.


24 August 2020
(N)vim for Clojure development

05 July 2019
Clojure + deps.edn, a basic guide

07 May 2019
Ada programmers: Stéphane Carrez

10 April 2019
Ada programmers: Edward Fish

04 April 2019
Ada programmers: Fabien Chouteau

08 March 2019
Ada programmers: Oliver Henley

28 February 2019
Ada programmers: Vinzent Höfler

21 February 2019
Ada programmers: Patrick Kelly

15 February 2019
Ada programmers: Luke A. Guest

25 June 2018
Custom Ghost theme

20 June 2018
The programming language I want (part 2)

20 June 2018
Simple blockchain in Ada

19 June 2018
The programming language I want (part 1)

18 June 2018
Unit testing ActionCable channels with RSpec

15 June 2018
Is Ada a failed language?

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