Hi, I'm Tomek.

I'm a software engineer and a co-founder at 98elements. You can find me on Twitter as @_tomekw, or @tomekw on Github. I write about programming.

Custom Ghost theme

25 June 2018, 1 min read, tags: Ghost, Theme, Bootstrap

Few days ago I have migrated my homepage and blog from Medium to Ghost(Pro). The problem with open source software is that it is easy to tweak and play with. I was not happy with the default theme Casper, so I have decided to create a new one!

Thanks to the wonderful Ghost themes documentation and Bootstrap framework, I was able to deploy the first production-ready version after few hours!

On purpose, it does not support 100% of the Casper theme features. It  is clean, simple, and gets the job done. I wanted an ascetic, easy on  the eyes theme with just the pure essentials:

  1. posts
  2. (Disqus) comments
  3. syntax highlighting
  4. proper metadata and structured data for Twitter Cards
  5. RSS

Currently, there are some hardcoded bits in the code, like Github and LinkedIn links. Also it makes some assumptions regarding the publication logo and icon - they have to be set to 60 x 60 rounded image to look good.

I forgot to mention I have called it bubu and I am happy to make it available to anyone interested! Either email me (contact at this domain), or follow me on Twitter (@_tomekw) and PM me, and we will figure something out!