Hi, I'm Tomek.

I'm a software engineer and a co-founder at 98elements. You can find me on Twitter as @_tomekw, or @tomekw on Github. I write (mostly) about programming. Here is the RSS feed.

Recent posts

The programming language I want (part 1)

19 June 2018, 2 min read, tags: Programming, Ruby, Rails, Scala, Clojure, Rust, Swift, OCaml

I’ve played with the number of programming languages. Thanks to this I was able to compile the list of features that impressed me the most.

Is Ada a failed language?

15 June 2018, 2 min read, tags: Programming, Ada, Rust, Scala, Clojure

Ada was advertised as a general-purpose programming language, yet, with a strict, readable syntax, a rich feature set, and a first-class support for concurrency it failed to find its niche. I could find many reasons why it happened.

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